Norfleet Baptist Church
5512 Norfleet Rd
Kansas City, MO 64133
Any man interested in participating in our new Men's Small Group,

"Iron Sharpens Iron"

for Bible Study and Accountability should contact Pastor Scott, Vic Peters or Ken Crabtree.

Joe Gibbs and his team of experts tackle the most important issues facing men today. This six-week study is ideal for men of all ages. Three-time Super Bowl winner, NFL Hall of Fame coach, and three-time NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs has assembled a team of experts to tackle the key areas of life a man needs in order to lead a victorious life. Based on a national survey, the Gibbs team has identified the most important issues facing men today. This study leads men through key areas of modern-day life, to equip them to live victorious lives based on the ultimate playbook—the Bible. (6 sessions)


  • Personal video invitation to the study from Joe Gibbs (e-mail and broadcast versions)
  • Each session includes video segments featuring Joe and a noteworthy expert on that week's topic
  • Videos shot in HD with a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Gibbs Racing
  • Joe's team of experts includes Ken Boa, Josh McDowell, Chuck Colson, John Lennox, Ron Blue, and Ravi Zacharias

Only a fortunate few can rise to the top in an elite, highly competitive profession. Joe Gibbs has done it twice—in two dramatically different sports: football and stock-car racing. He was the coach of the Washington Redskins during their decade of dominance in the 1980s (and again from 2004-2008). He's also the owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, another dominant presence in NASCAR. But Joe is keenly aware that his legacy is not about what he does but Who he knows. And his passion is to lead other men to the Source of his life's victories — Jesus Christ.