Norfleet Baptist Church
5512 Norfleet Rd
Kansas City, MO 64133

About Us

The work at Norfleet began with the dream and desire of the people at First Baptist Church, Raytown, MO, and their pastor Dr. James Smith. The seven acres of land was purchased in 1959 from the Turners who lived in the first house just north of the church property. The first building, what is now Fellowship Hall, was built and completed.

In May of 1962, Rev. William K. Peters was called as the first pastor of the new mission church, Norfleet Baptist Church. The work began with a two week Vacation Bible School in June. The first public worship service was held on June 24, 1962, following the Vacation Bible School. There were 24 people who joined the new mission work on that first Sunday.

A dedication service for the second building project, the sanctuary building, was held on August 7, 1966. At this service Norfleet Baptist Church as organized as an autonomous, cooperating Southern Baptist Church. By June 1975 the church membership roll grew to a high of 830, with a high attendance for Sunday School of 400.

Norfleet Pastors:

Rev. William K. Peters - 1962-1968
Rev. Jimmy Maidment - 1969-1972
Rev. Lee Mosby - 1972-1975
Rev. Morris Denman - 1974-1975 (Associate Pastor)
Rev. Bob Landon - 1976-1980
Dr. Willard Bright - 1980-1981 (Interim)
Rev. Jack Long - 1981-1985
Rev. Frank Queen - 1982-1984 (Associate Pastor)
Rev. Dan Springfield - 1986-1986
Rev. Quentin Boyd - 1986-1987
Rev. Rick Jordan - 1987-1989
Rev. Dave Scudder - 1990-1994
Rev. Maurice Cox - 1995-2009
Dr. Curtis Porter - 2010-2011 (Interim)
Dr. Scott Flippin - 2011-2020
Rev. Bill Bowers - 2020-Present (Interim)